Metal Room

Our treatment rooms are each customized

using the Five Elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Metal, and Earth, as well as our Balance or Namaste/Peace room. This design gives each room its own unique feel and vibration and represents the ancient technique of relating our body to nature through these elements.

Stem Cell Therapy Boca Raton

Earth Room

Each of our rooms

are over sized and equipped with hydraulic lift tables for ultimate comfort and customizable positioning with the push of a button and ease of getting off and on at the proper height needed, personal i-pod stereos in every room allows you to select a relaxing playlist that fits your personal preferences.

Stem Cell Therapy Boca Raton

Fire Room

We have infrared mineral heat lamps

in each room to ensure comfort and to maximize the healing process as well as the ability to adjust or shut off the air conditioning in each room for personalized temperature needs.

Stem Cell Therapy Boca Raton

Wood Room

Our rooms are all equipped

with dimmable lighting and unique mood lighting once treatment is underway.

Stem Cell Therapy Boca Raton

Water Room

Every aspect of this clinics

design was thoroughly thought out and created by Dr. Dave and custom built to his specifications.

Stem Cell Therapy Boca Raton


Our sixth room being the Balance or Namaste/Peace room

utilizes a true zero gravity chair for gentle non-forced traction of the spine which is often used before or after lumbar and sciatic pain treatments but may be used for treatment depending on condition being treated and position needed.

Stem Cell Therapy Boca Raton