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Acupuncture Treatment Do’s and Don’ts

Acupuncture medicine has been heavily mystified over the years. That, along with the fact that it includes the use of needles, has led to many being unnecessarily wary of seeking out the treatment. At Pure Acupuncture & Natural Medicine of Deerfield Beach, we know that Acupuncture treatment is a scientifically backed, safe, and effective option to help ease the symptoms of many ailments. Here are our Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to your first acupuncture appointment to help you feel prepared. 


Do Arrive Early

Plan to arrive at least 45 to 30 minutes before your first appointment starts. This will do you well for a couple of reasons. For a first appointment, there is usually a good bit of paperwork to fill out. You will also have an in-depth conversation with your practitioner about your body, health, and goals for treatment. Arriving early will also help you avoid the stress of rushing or running late. It is always best to stay as calm as possible before an acupuncture treatment. 


Don’t Put Extra Stress On Your Body Prior To Your Appointment

As stated above, acupuncture works best when your mind and body are at their most relaxed. There are a few things other than not rushing that can help you do achieve this. Do not come to an acupuncture appointment under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Substances increase the sensitivity of the skin and thin blood which can cause bleeding. You’ll also not want to overindulge in food so as to not cause stomach issues during your session. 


Do Get Comfortable

Wear loose-fitting clothes before and after your treatment to allow your skin to breathe and avoid irritation. It is also helpful for your practitioner, who will be able to roll up sleeves and pant legs to administer needles. You’ll also want to make sure you take any necessary bathroom breaks before your appointment. While we mentioned that it is not wise to gorge yourself, we do suggest that you eat a light meal before your appointment. This is to avoid hunger pains or fainting due to an empty stomach.  


Don’t Plan On Multitasking

While there are some cosmetic and rehabilitative treatments that allow you to read, speak on the phone, or otherwise preoccupy yourself, acupuncture is not one of them. This is for two main reasons. The first is that you must stay as still as possible during your session. While acupuncture needles should cause minimal discomfort when administered by a licensed professional, they are still needles. To avoid them being bumped or moving, you must lie relatively still. The next reason is that it is wise to pay attention to your body and pains before, during, and after treatment. This is a great tool for you and your practitioner to use when deciding how to best spend your sessions. 


If you follow these simple guidelines, your first acupuncture appointment, and any thereafter, are sure to be a breeze. And one final tip: DO choose where you seek out treatment carefully. Dr. David Suomela of Pure Acupuncture is not only a trained practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine but is also a Primary Care Physician. We believe in a customized, holistic approach to health using scientifically-backed treatments administered by the best staff in South Florida. Contact us today about acupuncture or one of our other wellness services! 

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Acupuncture Treatment

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