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Staying active and eating well isn’t always all we need for overall health and fitness. Everyone has different needs, whether it’s different metabolic rates, diet restrictions, etc. People are opting for more and more homeopathic treatments for pain and wellness which can allow us to live comfortably and be our best selves, especially if we want to live an active lifestyle.

Pure Acupuncture & Natural Medicine is the ideal place to receive such homeopathic treatments such as Acupuncture, Regenerative Cell Therapy, homeopathic pain injections, and Vitamin B-12 injections. Why are these treatments helpful for your health and fitness regime? For one, many people who are active and perform activities such as sports, cardio, or even jogging, are more likely to feel a lot of pain and soreness from these activities. Treating this pain and soreness with different methods that best suit your comfort level and lifestyle is key for feeling comfortable enough to continue with your fitness routine the following day, week, etc.

For example, Vitamin B12 is a crucial vitamin with several benefits including, but not limited to, better digestion, increased metabolism, weight loss, increased energy, and reduction of stress. B12 creates red blood cells which carry oxygen all throughout the body. This boosts your immune system and helps give you more focus. You can see why this is such a great and beneficial treatment at our facility as it helps many key functions to better your overall health. This treatment is especially recommended to vegetarians and vegans, that way they can live the lifestyle they are happy with while still benefitting from vitamins found in dairy, shellfish, poultry, and meats.

If you think you might have a deficiency of Vitamin B12, look out for symptoms like eye twitching, bladder problems, vision problems, low blood pressure, muscle weakness, loss of balance, memory loss, lightheadedness, and fatigue, amongst other things.

Apart from these B12 injections, another great way to achieve overall health and fitness is by treating pain and inflammation when necessary. No one likes to slow down their progress by some unwanted pain, and homeopathic pain injections are a highly effective way for regulating inflammation, reduction of pain and increased range of motion in joints and muscles.

These neural therapy injections are utilized when the treatment does not involve being injected into a muscle trigger point but into smaller muscles, above organs, around discs and over joints. These types of injections are more superficial, just beneath the skin’s surface. The are extremely helpful to people who suffer from a sprain, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, acute muscle spasms, and joint pains.

Whatever your issue, be sure to call us at 954-420-3112 for a consultation to get started on your wellness journey today.

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