Here at Pure Acupuncture & Natural Medicine of Deerfield Beach we use Homeopathic Pain Injections to treat a vast array of ailments and conditions.

Our proven technique revolves around the injection of homeopathic remedies into certain areas of the body that have been clearly identified. This type of remedy is intended to increase stimulation for natural healing rather than simply suppressing the symptoms.

A healing response is induced in which the body allows for a resolution of the symptoms.

Translation, homeopathic pain injections are a highly effective way for regulating inflammation, reduction of pain and increased range of motion in joints and muscles.


Neural therapy injections are utilized when the treatment does not involve being injected into a muscle trigger point but into smaller muscles, above organs, around discs and over joints.

These types of injections are more superficial, just beneath the skin’s surface. It has been demonstrated to be extremely helpful to break the stress reaction of the nervous system which happens often with chronic or acute conditions. Most of the time the injections are innocuous and not painful at all, other times patients will experience a quick sting comparable to that of a pinch of the skin, highly tolerable for most patients.

The main types of homeopathic pain injections that we employ are known as neural therapy injections and trigger point injections.


Trigger point injections are the areas of the body that are hard or knotty. Generally when a trigger is pressed, that area will be painful or tender and the pain will usually radiate out to other areas in the immediate vicinity.


Homeopathic Pain Injections into these areas will relax, calm the nervous system and modulate inflammation thus providing relief from the pain. Once the remedy has been determined a thin needle will be inserted into the muscle, usually about a half to one inch beneath the surface of the skin, and a small amount of substance is then injected.


This procedure is repeated several times, dependant on the size of the area being treated. The patient experience is generally relief from the pain and increased range of motion right after the Homeopathic Pain Injections.

Homeopathic Pain Injection Therapy can be extremely beneficial for a wide array of musculoskeletal complaints such as:

  • sprain/sprain
  • tendonitis
  • plantar fasciitis
  • acute or chronic muscle spasms
  • inflammation
  • PAIN: joint pain, neck pain, back pain etc

Homeopathic Pain Injection Therapy will also assist with other conditions, such as:

  • acute headaches/migraines
  • menstrual cramps
  • digestive pain
  • emotional trauma
  • post surgical complications/scars
  • lymphatic congestion

Additional benefits of Homeopathic Pain Injection Therapy:

  • safe for patients on multiple medications
  • safe for patients who have sensitivity to NSAIDS
  • effective for patients who choose not to have corticosteroid therapy


Safe, Affordable & Effective Treatment For Chronic Pain

Pure Acupuncture & Natural Medicine of Deerfield Beach usually recommends that you receive a series of treatments, especially for chronic disorders, to determine whether Homeopathic Pain Injections are going to be effective for your condition or whether you may need more advanced medical treatment like Regenerative Cell Therapy, depending also on your preference of care of course. One of the main goals of Homeopathic Pain Injection Therapy is to assist with bringing your body into balance by initiating the body’s natural ability to heal, adapt and balance. This may be a stand alone treatment but often is done in combination with acupuncture, cold laser, massage, or other modalities. Diet and lifestyle plus exercise recommendations may also be given to make these modalities highly effective, thus resulting in fewer and fewer treatments with faster results.

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