Chronic Pain Treatment Near Me
Homeopathic Injections for Pain

Chronic Pain Treatment Near Me

Chronic pain can be debilitating, yet many who live with it can not find an effective way to combat the daily aches. If you find yourself searching for chronic pain treatment near me, know that there are options to help you live a more energetic and healthy lifestyle. Pure Acupuncture and Natural Medicine of Deerfield Beach provides a variety of services geared toward combating chronic pain and the underlying issues that cause it. 



Most people have heard of acupuncture. They know it is a form of homeopathic traditional medicine and they know it involves the use of needles. However, they do not know much more than that and do not realize exactly what the benefits of acupuncture are. 

Acupuncture is most often used to treat inflammation and pain. While many think of it as a mystical treatment, it is actually based on very real scientific principles. The main goal of Acupuncture is to help your body’s systems effectively communicate. Acupuncturists target specific points on your body where bioelectric energy flows. This is the energy that is produced by your body to help pump your heart, move your muscles, and much more. Depending on what type of pain you are experiencing, we can evaluate where in your body this electrical energy is not flowing properly. We remedy this using sterile, surgical-grade needles inserted into specific trigger points. Once your body is able to easily communicate with itself and bioelectric energy can travel without blockages, it can focus on healing and chronic pain will begin to subside. 


Regenerative Cell Therapy

Regenerative cell therapy focuses on aiding your natural immune system in replacing damaged or diseased cells. Often, our body is dealing with many ailments at once and needs extra help to truly repair itself. Our regenerative cell therapy is a fantastic treatment for chronic pain as it can help heal the underlying tissue damage that causes it. We use a proprietary formula of ethically sourced cells, hyaluronic acid, growth factors, and cytokines. It is administered during a quick and painless procedure, delivering a targeted dose of reparative cells and a variety of natural substances that aid in cell damage repair. Regenerative cell therapy is a great option for those experiencing chronic pain due to both neurological and physical damage. 


Homeopathic Pain Injections

Pure Acupuncture offers two different types of Homeopathic injections that combat pain. The first is a trigger point injection. Trigger point injections target certain areas of muscle that have become hard and knotted. First, we formulate a blend based on your specific needs. Then, we inject this customized medicinal blend into the muscle. This helps to loosen the tissue fibers and calm the nervous system. This causes pain to subside and allows your body to begin healing the area with the aid of our targeted homeopathic medicines. 

We also offer neural therapy injections, which do not target specific muscle trigger points. These injections serve to break the body’s stress reaction to damage and eliminate pain on a more general scale. They are injected just below the surface of the skin where neurons are most abundant. 


During your consultation, Dr. Dave Suomela will use a physical and verbal evaluation to determine which course of action is best to combat your chronic pain. We may suggest one of the treatments above or a combination of multiple treatment types depending on the origin, location, and severity of your injury. No matter what, you can feel confident in your choice to heal with Pure Acupuncture and Dr. Suomela, who is licensed in both conventional primary care and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Schedule your free consultation today and start on the path to a pain-free life!

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Chronic Pain Treatment Near Me

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