Advanced Regenerative Care
Regenerative Cell Therapy

Advanced Regenerative Care And Other Treatments From Pure Acupuncture

Advanced regenerative care is a cell therapy offered by Pure Acupuncture & Natural Medicine of Deerfield Beach. This highly praised treatment, along with a variety of other remedies we offer, align with our goal of providing our patients with effective, scientifically-backed, holistic options to improve their health and wellness. Read on to learn more about how each of our services accomplishes this mission and can benefit you. 


Regenerative Cell Therapy

The goal of advanced regenerative care is to provide your body with all the necessary materials to replace diseased cells with healthy ones. Because cells are our most fundamental building block, this treatment has profound capabilities in treating conditions previously thought only manageable. Pure Acupuncture uses a safe FDA-registered formula delivered in a non-invasive procedure with little to no recovery time. Our treatment offers the most powerful immune-boosting regenerative agents in the most bioavailable form. For more cosmetic uses, we also provide a highly effective topical formula that will deliver results far beyond any skincare routine. Our very own resident practitioner has partaken in regenerative therapy to understand its effects and be the best possible resource to our patients. 



Acupuncture is one of our specialties, as you may have guessed! Dr. Dave, in addition to being a Primary Care Physician, is also a leading licensed acupuncture physician. We specialize in integrating acupuncture with a variety of other conventional or western treatment options to help you fully recover while managing pain and symptoms is the interim. With a background in sports medicine, Dr. Dave Suomela has experience treating even the most advanced injuries using the powerful medical principles of acupuncture. 

If you have never received acupuncture treatment before, you can look here for more information on the research behind it and learn what to expect at your first visit. 


B-12 and Homeopathic Pain Injections

For advanced pain and deficiency, medical-grade therapeutic injections can be the most effective way to deliver your body the nutrients, proteins, or vitamins it may need. We offer a variety of these injections to provide a concentrated boost of whatever in particular they need to our clients. Our B-12 injections help ward off one of the most common deficiencies in the country. B-12 is an essential vitamin of which roughly 40% of the American population displays inadequate levels. Our injections, along with a plan for an improved diet, can help you not only reach your number on the charts but also help you feel more energetic and alert. 

Homeopathic injections focus less on returning your nutrient ratios to normal and more on combating either widespread or localized pain. Our neural therapy injections help treat acute and chronic pains by calming the nervous system. Trigger point injections work to help certain muscles physically relax and heal. You may already know the cause of your discomfort or we may need to work to figure out the root of the issue. Either way, Pure Acupuncture will be there at each step to help you understand your body, its ailments, and the best treatment options for you. 


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