Regenerative Cellular Therapy
Regenerative Cell Therapy

Regenerative Cellular Therapy

Everybody is capable of a few things which are characteristic of life. One of the defining traits of a living organism is the ability to grow and, because of this, heal. Our entire immune system is dedicated to supporting the health of our organs and fighting off foreign pathogens. However, sometimes, the cells in our body turn against our best interest. The reason may be external or a direct result of our own lifestyle choices. Either way, when our cells become “diseased” it often leads to chronic pain and long-term symptoms. Regenerative cellular therapy is one of the most promising advances in medicine aimed at stimulating your body’s natural healing responses and eliminating these damaged cells. 

Pure Acupuncture and Natural Medicine of Deerfield Beach is a South Florida leading provider of safe and effective regenerative medicine. With a leading voice in the fields of natural medicine and regenerative therapies at our helm, you can be sure that your experience at our beachside office will be nothing short of spectacular. 


Why Regenerative Medicine

As the name might suggest, this therapy was developed and focuses on the improvement or reversal of degenerative cell diseases. Some of the more common ailments that regenerative therapy has been shown to be effective in treating include Parkinson’s, Degenerative Disc Disease, and even certain cancers. There have also been studies showing improvements in catastrophic brain and spinal cord injuries using regenerative cellular therapy. To boot, severe burn patients have also utilized this treatment and seen far quicker and more complete healing than with traditional methods. 


Pure Acupuncture’s Approach

Pure Acupuncture is dedicated to holistic healing implemented within the researched principals of western medicine. Dr. Dave Suomela, our leading physician, is both a Primary Care Doctor and licensed in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Regenerative cellular medicine is a perfect fit for our practice because it combines the best of advanced medical technology and the powerful natural healing response of your own tissues. 

Dr. Dave has also undergone regenerative treatment himself and documented the process to help inform himself and his future patients to the fullest extent. If you have struggled with a chronic condition you previously thought was untreatable, contact us today. We can speak about your ailment and determine if regenerative medicine, perhaps in conjunction with other holistic measures, is the right path for you. 

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Regenerative Cellular Therapy


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