Regenerative Treatment
Regenerative Cell Therapy

Regenerative Treatment For Chronic Pain

A look at the hot topic of regenerative treatment from the experts at Pure Acupuncture and Natural Medicine of Deerfield Beach. 


What Is Regenerative Treatment?

Regenerative Cell Treatment is perhaps the most promising advancement in modern medical history. The purpose of regenerative treatment is to repopulate the body with healthy cells. This makes it great for those experiencing chronic pain and degenerative diseases. The procedure is simple and has little to no recovery time. 


Who Can Benefit? 

Regenerative treatment can be a fantastic option for a variety of patients. Even two people hoping to achieve entirely different results may find their perfect solution at Pure Acupuncture. 

Regenerative treatment, for one, can be used to approve the appearance of the skin and hair. Sun damage, wrinkles, and discoloration can all be vastly improved even just using a topical version of our regenerative formula. This can be a far more effective and healthy choice for those looking for an alternative to plastic surgery. First, because it works to actually improve the health of your skin, not just its appearance. You are also avoiding the potential complications and short shelf life presented by fillers. 

However, Cell therapy goes far beyond just the cosmetic and has resulted in very real advancements in the field of restorative medicine. Regenerative treatment has been linked to improvements in those suffering from muscle damage, nerve damage, traumatic injury, burns, stroke, and even certain cancers. By providing your body with the key materials needed to replace damaged tissue, we are able to truly repair your body, not just mask symptoms. 


Is It Safe?

Regenerative Cell Therapy has been shown to not only be safe, but displays healing properties far beyond the expectations of scientists even 5 years ago. Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic has even seen advancements in paralysis reversal using this treatment. Our ethical formula is registered with the FDA and third-party tested for quality. Because it works to repair cells, not suppress symptoms, it is safe to receive regenerative cell therapy while on many common medications. 


Why Pure Acupuncture and Natural Medicine of Deerfield Beach?

Pure Acupuncture’s Dr. Dave Suomela is an industry-leading expert on regenerative cell therapy. As a licensed acupuncturist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and a Florida state primary care physician, Dr. Dave has a vast background to work with a variety of patients and conditions. He also leads national regenerative treatment education for doctors around the country and is a noted speaker on the subject as well as its integration with natural medicine. Dr. Dave has also undergone cell therapy to fully understand its effects. You can see Dr. Dave’s results and personal testimony here. Pure Acupuncture knows first hand the potential of this truly remarkable advancement. 

Our formula provides your cells with everything needed to replace damaged tissues. Cytokines, growth-promoting proteins, and other growth factors provide powerful results, improving your body’s health and the appearance of your skin. If you have not found a solution to your chronic ailment or are looking to boost your overall vibrancy, contact us today for a free consultation! 

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Regenerative Treatment

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